Hacienda Lakes Community Development District

Landscaping Maintenance: Maintenance of all plant materials and

irrigation systems within the community’s common areas, parks, and

right-of-ways is provided by the District’s subcontracted landscape

team. The landscaping team mows, edges, trims, fertilizes and

mulches on a regular schedule. And they plant all those colorful
flowers each season! The District landscape maintenance pertains

to District common areas only and does not cover individual 

neighborhoods landscape maintenance.

                                                                                      Lake Maintenance: The district contracts with a private firm

                                                                                      to keep our lakes free from unwanted  algae and vegetation,

                                                                                      a challenging assignment with the varying weather conditions

                                                                                      found in Southwest Florida.


Storm Water Management: The lakes throughout Hacienda Lakes created to be both functional and beautiful. As part of the storm water management system, the lakes must meet state water quality standards and provide for flood control. Lake levels are designed

to fluctuate throughout the year as the rain and ground water levels

vary. The planting of lake banks with aquatic plants and the

introduction of aeration systems help to maintain water quality.

The storm water first flows through drainage culverts and swales

where much of the sediment and organic debris settles. The water

collects in wetland areas, marshes, and man-made lakes where it is

further detained for filtration before flowing into offsite connections.


                                                                                       Water Supply System: The District provides an non-potable water

                                                                                       supply for the irrigation systems in the District common areas and



                                                                                       The non-potable water comes directly from the lakes.  The lake levels

                                                                                       fluctuate with the Florida seasons.  They are very full during the

                                                                                       summer rainy season and the levels drop during the dry winter season.                                                                                        The lakes and water management system are also replenished from

                                                                                       wells that are monitored and maintained by the District.

Street Sweeping: Street sweeping is provided for

all community roads. In the future, Individual

neighborhoods may execute an agreement to have

the District sweep their streets.


                                                                                           Monument Maintenance: The districts clean and paint

                                                                                           monument signs at the community entrances. The Hacienda

                                                                                           Lakes residential neighborhoods and commercial complexes

                                                                                           are responsible for maintaining their own signage.

Concerns regarding these services should be directed to: District Management (239) 269-1341.